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Why Franchising?

Franchising is a fantastic way to start and run your own business – it provides you with a shortcut to success and the opportunity to earn a high income whilst avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that most new businesses make.

Starting a new business always carries a risk – new businesses are vulnerable. The mistakes and lost income whilst you try to figure out what works can cost you tens of thousands of pounds. Many fail because they cannot learn quickly enough and the money runs out.  Technically you can be the best in the world at something but if you can’t get the work in you are going to fail.

Lack of work and knowing how to generate leads and maximise opportunities is the biggest problem for most new businesses. Over 80% go out of business within 2 years.

Reduced Risk / Earn Income Quicker

With a franchise this risk is reduced – because you are buying the experience and expertise of the franchisor. This will help you to avoid making the same mistakes (often costly) that they have made during their trading life AND you get to start earning money almost from day one.

These two benefits alone are worth the investment cost of the franchise fee many times over along with maximising the value of each and every job or deal, AND, maximising productivity through using proven systems, processes, equipment and tools. Even knowing who your best potential customers and clients can be difficult to work out, let alone figuring out how to win their business.

You are buying an established product with a turnkey business plan and format for you to operate. This includes the brand, systems and processes, lead generation and gives you instant credibility in the mind of potential customers.


My first encounterwith dogs came from living with my grandparents when I was born. They owned a German Shepherd called Vic. This dog became not only my best friend but my teacher and fired up an interest in dogs, training them and also how their minds work. Since then I have studied dog behaviour and psychology and it has been my passionate dream too make a career for myself working with dogs. Having embarked on a formal course of study, I am currently doing a diploma in dogbehaviour with British College of Canine Studies, my aim was to set up my own Dog Training and Behaviour Business.

I did a great deal of research, and whilst I was convinced of my own abilities to do the job, (I have helped numerous family and friends to train their dogs as well as help friends overcome some tricky problems with their dogs) the thing that bothered me was getting enough business to earn a decent living, particularly in today’s climate when the cost of living is going up each month. Dreams are great but they don’t pay the bills. I have spoken to a number of trainers who are running small dog training business’s and they all seem to be doing it on a part time basis to supplement their main income. This was not want I wanted. My passion is to work with people and their dogs and in so doing improve their relationships and help them get the pleasure out of owning a dog that I get, it is a very special bond. For me it had to be all or nothing. Then I came across UK Dog Training. I arranged to meet with the owners Craig and Harry Rice and was instantly impressed with their professionalism and enthusiasm.

Looking round the Leeds Dog Training Centre it was clear that this was a very professional business. They took me through how they run the business, the type of customers they work with, discussed the turnover and profitability, They are emphatic in their view that what they have built up at the Leeds Dog Training Centre can be replicated successfully across the country in every major town and city.

Following this first meeting I was on board 100%. Since then I have worked with Craig and Harry to build the business plan for my own Centre. Everything I needed was there, from setting up the business to marketing and a super web site, initial training and a comprehensive manual for me to work from. UKDTC even sorted out the premises including negotiating very favourable terms to make sure my costs were kept to a minimum whilst at the same time ensuring a professional client facing set up was established.

In December last year we launched the Wakefield Dog Training Centre. Things couldn’t have gone better. In the first three months I am already ahead of plan. I am doing the job I have always dreamed of and believe it or not my earnings to date are already more than I was getting at my old job.

The future looks very bright indeed, Wakefield Dog Centre is going from strength to strength, if I need support whether it be with an on going case or something I want to talk through before getting back to a client, the team at UKDTC are always there to help. If like me you dream of working to improve the life of dogs then I would thoroughly recommend a partnership with UKDTC.