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Our core services include:


Group Training Classes

Our dog training classes are designed to take dogs and their owners through the various stages of his development through from puppy training to advanced level. 

The emphasis is on training the owners to understand how to communicate and interact with their dog as we find this allows them to get the best out of their dogs training. We do this through tutoring and demonstration to teach them the best way of training a dog. To achieve the best results each course attendee is given personal attention and support throughout each session. For this reason we limit our class sizes to a maximum of 5 dogs.

Home Visits and Dog Support Services

Our home visit services can help clients in all areas of dog ownership, from behavior correction, general dog or puppy training, nutrition, advice & guidance. Particularly useful if re-homing a dog from a rescue or adoption centre. Quite often rescued dogs will seem to settle in quickly but after time will start to develop problems often associated with the reasons they were in the rescue centre. We can show the pitfalls to avoid and how to develop a lasting relationship.

I met Craig and his dad, Harry in the spring of this year. They taught me to train my dog Max to a vey high standard. I now have a well mannered, obedient, loving pet that I am able to take with me anywhere knowing that I am in control at all times. I would recommend Craig & Harry to anyone wishing to accomplish the same, they are patient and understanding of both the dogs AND their handlers. - Steve West.

One on One Training

We firmly believe with the right approach all dogs can be trained. There are some dogs that do not benefit from the group dog training class method to training. Maybe they lack focus, have specific problems like pulling on the lead or recall difficulties or are aggressive towards other dogs. For these we offer our One on One training.

Following an initial assessment we will plan a course that will take the dog through the basic commands as well as focusing on any specific issues he has before moving on to the more advanced techniques required for good control of the dog at distance and with distractions.  Our clients are amazed at how quickly their dog progresses with the benefit of our one to one dog training. 

Residential Training Courses

There are of course numerous reasons why people prefer to send their pets on a residential dog training course. In these cases their dog will be benefit from a concentrated course of dog training under the personal supervision of our instructors. 

Product Sales

Having a well-trained and well-behaved dog is not just about learning
commands on the training field. It requires achieving balance in everything
the dog does from what he eats, his exercise routines and play, health and
even where he sleeps. Our customers trust us to advise on achieving this
balanced lifestyle. With over 9000 products available to us at the best
possible prices we can provide our customers dogs with everything from a
healthy diet to a warm cozy bed.