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In 2012, the UK dog population was around 8 million.

Approximately 23% of UK households own at least one dog.

Many dogs show unwanted behaviour, whether they have come from rescue or not, but why does this happen and what can you do about it?

All dogs are individuals, have different genetics and experiences that will shape how they turn out and interact with their owners – so it’s really hard, if not impossible to generalise about them. Because every dog is an individual with a different history, lifestyle, personality, breed type etc, you can’t just read a factsheet, read a book, or watch a TV programme and copy the advice in the hope that you’ll be able to fix your dog’s problem. 

What is needed, especially where aggression is concerned, is tailor-made advice following a consultation; which will involve history taking of the dog and problem, identification of the cause or motivation, addressing the way the dog is managed in everyday life and then applying appropriate behaviour modification programmes.

There are three packages available:

Dog Training Associate – Designed as a first step into professional dog training our associate package allows a low entry cost but with the benefits of our in depth training and on-going support. There is the option to trade up to the Training Franchise package subject to availability.

Dog Training Franchise - includes all the core services (see services for details) with the exception of Dog Boarding.

Dog Training and Boarding Franchise – As above but with the addition of dog boarding.

Dog Boarding Service

For those wishing to take the boarding package, in conjunction with our manufacturing partner, we have designed three bespoke kennel packages ranging from five rooms up to fifteen room options.

Using the very latest in kennel design and technology these kennels allow you to offer luxury boarding to the very highest standard. Our relationship with the manufacturers means we can secure the very best price on your behalf.

Taking both the boarding and training packages will allow you to build an income stream comparable to much larger boarding establishments but without incurring the high level of manpower and on going maintenance costs associated with larger traditionally built kennels.

Quality not quantity has always been our watchword, something we find all discerning customers are looking for these days.